200gsm waterproof glossy photo paper A4

200gsm waterproof glossy photo paper A4

This glossy photo paper comes in bright white, which is cast coated with inkjet materials and reveal a glossy finish, making vibrant printed images. The back is coated with absorbent materials that limit the diffusion of the ink away from the contact point and prevaent the paper from curling. This high-quality paper is particularly suitable for professional document and digital printing.



matte coated photo paper

pearl surface photo paper
matte inkjet paper double sided

Glossy coating provides a professional look

satin pearl photo paper

matte inkjet photo paper

Instant dry 
Water resistant ( waterproof ) 
Resistant to abrasion . Resistant to aging 

All printing processes have a range of conditions of temperature,humidity, pressure and dust particles in the air, that need to be taken into account when printing. Especially inkjet, that because it is very susceptible to excess moisture.About printing with Dye ink (not Pigment Ink).If you print Inkjet Paper with dye ink, the ink will not be affected by UV light or pollute environments. If the printing is protected under normal temperature and humidity with a range of conditions, the paper will not present problems of discoloration, fading and premature aging.

Printer Compatibility:
Suitable for almost Inkjet Printers with normal dye based ink, including Canon, Epson, HP, Kodak, LEXMARK, etc. 

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