Dye Colored paper

Dye Colored paper

Dye colored paper is after special process,and the whole of our paper is colored.There are more than 70 colors for your choice, that value all kinds of applications.Ideal for craft projects at school, home or in the workplace.


This is the description of Dye Colored paper
Name: color paper
Provided weight: 80gsm~300gsm  
Normal Weight: 80gsm 120gsm 180gsm 210gsm 250gsm 300gsm
Size: A4,A3,8.5"×8.5",30.5x30.5 or other size
Color: White,black,purple,green,pink,red,orange,blue,brown,gray,yellow,lilac,
beige,etc,more than 70 colors for you choice.Colors can be customized
Material: Wood Pulp
Features: Smooth surface, color uniform,without stain,etc
Applications: Ideal for invitations, business card,scrap, crafts, certificates and others.
Packing: OPP bag or color page 


1.Normal Weight: 80gsm 120gsm 180gsm 210gsm 250gsm 300gsm

2.Size: A4,A3,8.5"×8.5",30.5x30.5 or other size

3.Color: White,black,purple,green,pink,red,orange,blue,brown,gray,yellow,lilac,

beige,etc,more than 70 colors for you choice.Colors can be customized

4.Bright, vibrant or smooth surface, color uniform,without stain,etc

5.Acid free ,high quality paper, colored in the mass allowing a great finish as it leaves no white creases.

Details image

color paper
color paper
colored paper
colored paper




Q1: How many colors totally you can do?

We totally can make over 70colors.

Q2: Whether I can customize colors and what is the MOQ?

Yes, we can do customized colors. The MOQ for each color is 100tons?

Q3: What are your standard grammage and size for the paper?

Our standard paper grammage include 80gsm 120gsm 180gsm 210gsm 250gsm and 300gsm .The normal size for the paper is A4,A3,8.5"×8.5",30.5x30.5 or other size

Q4: How about customized grammage and customized size? What is the MOQ?

Yes, customized grammage and customized size are both feasible. The MOQ for customized grammage is 35tons and the MOQ for customized size is also 35tons.

Q5: What information should I let you know if I want to get a complete quotation of color papers?

-The paper size (Length× Width)

-The paper weight.

-The paper colors( single colors or different color mixed)

-The quantity.

-If it is possible, you please send us pictures or samples .

Q6: What advantages do you have?

Fee samples for your test and professional sales team to serve you.

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