Inkjet white water transfer paper A4

Inkjet white water transfer paper A4

Water Slide will allow image transfer to objects that cannot be heated with a heat press.


First opening the package to take out the transfer paper (smooth surface for printing)

heat transfer paper quality

transfer paper epson
transfer paper quality

applies to any desktop inkjet printer (HP. EPSON. CANON. LEXMAR ) using water-based pigment ink . 

transfer paper t shirt design

transfer paper for mugs

Recommended Materials etc .

Step by step

1.Select Print Photos rating parameters , use the hair dryer after printing to heat and dry the ink or leave it to natural drying .

2. Use the transparent varnish to spray evenly in the pattern surface .( You can get it in the paint store)

3. Use the hair dryer to heat and dry the varnish or leave it to natural drying .

4. Cut size ( Note: cutting from all around ,otherwise part of the edge varnish will stick to the base paper and difficult to separate )

5. Implantation into the water for 30-60 seconds to make the base paper and transfer membrane separated . Sliding the paper is ok ( patterns up )

6. Transfer patterns ( Open the base paper slowly , and make the transfer membrane close to the surface of the object )

7. After position the paper , using a pictorial card to get rid of the bubble and water fully , and dry the moisture with blotting paper .

8. Put it into the oven ,baking in the temperature of 110-130℃ for 10-15 minutes. 

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