Yesion photo paper

Yesion photo paper

Photo paper, also known as photographic paper, and inkjet printing paper, a kind of printing materials of traditional industry used to flush the photos, and later applied to the printing industry is referred to as the photographic paper. The photo paper is the preferred material for printing design renderings. Photo paper is divided into the following three categories:a. inkjet printing paper,including cast coated photo paper,swellable , micro-porous technology; b.Silver halide photo paper;c.Sublimation printing paper.


  1.what is photo paper?

photo paper quality

  Photo paper, also known as photographic paper, and inkjet printing paper, a kind of printing materials of traditional industry used to flush the photos, and later applied to the printing industry is referred to as the photographic paper. The photo paper is the preferred material for printing design renderings.

photo paper roll

  Photo paper is divided into the following three categories:a. inkjet printing paper,including cast coated photo paper,swellable , micro-porous technology;

photo paper jams printer

b.Silver halide photo paper;c.Sublimation printing paper.

  Double cast coated high glossy photo paper also is called double inkjet printing paper in China.

  Matte cast coated photo paper is referred to as inkjet printing paper / colorful inkjet printing paper and double-sided inkjet printing paper / name card paper

  Using an inkjet printer, you should prepare the following materials:inkjet printer,ink,photo paper



  1. Photo paper is mainly used in what areas

   Common use of inkjet printing paper:

   1.Advertising applications: photo paper is mainly used for photo output,leaflet printing,effect drawing display, making menu and instead of a small amount of printing can not be completed and the inkjet can complete the output

   2.Photo image application:swellable photo paper and RC photo paper are used  for photo studio and professional export shop ,otherwise RC photo paper and cast coated photo paper are used for school, family, or non professional exporting institution,such as the output of the certificate,the late output of the studio and the output of the high-grade album.

Here are pictures of the photo paper application:




 3.Materials and characteristics of photo paper 

  Our company is mainly engaged in the production of inkjet printing paper, the following will introduce characteristic and composition of three types of inkjet printing paper in detail .

  Firstly,Cast coated photo paper

  Composition: base paper + micron two oxidation (Si / Al) coating

  Features: waterproof coating, suitable for dye ink; printing for quick drying

  Secondly,RC photo paper (also known as micro / gap type)

  Composition:  RC base paper + nano two oxidation (Si / Al) coating

  Features: the overall waterproof, suitable for dye ink or pigment ink , instant dry after printing ,high brightness

  RC photo paper according to the printing surface can be divided into RC glossy photo paper,RC satin photo paper,RC woven photo paper and RC rough photo paper

  Thirdly,Non waterproof paper: (bentonite paper) swellable

  Composition: RC paper based +PVA coating

  Features: waterproof coating, high brightness, suitable for dye ink

 What are the specifications of our photo paper ?

What are the specifications of our photo paper products

Standard Specification for cast coated photo paper


cast coated photo paper





A4(210×297mm) A3(297×420mm)  A5(148.5×210mm)
3R(89×127mm)  4R(102×152mm)  5R(127×178mm)    
8.5“×11 ”(216×279mm)  


width:305mm ,432mm ,610mm ,914mm ,1070mm, 1270mm    


Conventional weight of RC photo paper


RC photo paper

Gram weight(gsm)

190gsm ,240gsm,260gsm ,270gsm


A4(210×297mm) A3(297×420mm)




Standard Specification for self-adhesive photo paper


self-adhesive photo paper



120gsm adheisve inkjet film

A4(210×297mm) A3(297×420mm)  

90gsm glossy Self-adhesive photo paper

A4(210×297mm) A3(297×420mm)

135gsm glossy self-adhesive photo paper

A4(210×297mm) A3(297×420mm)  

A5(148×210mm) A6(105×148mm)

150gsm glossy Self-adhesive photo paper

A4(210×297mm) A3(297×420mm)



self-adhesive photo paper



120gsm adheisve inkjet film


135gsm glossy self-adhesive photo paper


150gsm glossy Self-adhesive photo paper



Standard Specification for dry minilab photo paper


dry minilab photo paper





drum width

drum length

core diameter

240gsm 260gsm







Comparison between cast coated photo paper and RC photo paper:

  1. Bottom material:the base material of cast coated paper is common base paper,otherwise RC photo paperis RC base paper.
  2. Gloss: cast coated high gloss photo paperis mainly composed of cast cylinder and thus the cylinder transfer finish, temperature, pressure and other factors directly affect the gloss of it .RC high gloss photo paper, it without casting cylinder, gloss comes mainly from the resin itself, not influenced by other external factors.
  3. print drying speed: cast coated photo paper and RC photo paper are basically the same
  4. color reduction: cast coated photo paper and RC photo paper are basically the same
  5. usage: two products can better reproduce the true color of pictures,it is difficult for non-professionals from the product table view to distinguish cast coated photo paper and RC photo paper , so for the average consumer is basically the same, the company may have some differences (such as studio). In theory, two kinds of products which can be applied to all inkjet printers.


Our company also provide other special photographic paper

  1. embossed photo paper

Embossed photo paper in the paper suggests that it is pressed on the surface of various lines, there is a paper surface depression pattern is not very obvious, mainly glossy and matte, single-sided and double-sided embossed photo paper, mainly lines including wove, stripes, bark, striae, pinhole lines, creative lines, wood .

  1. colorful pearl card paper

Three common colors are gold, silver, white ice .Colorful pearl card paper has excellent waterproof performance, good weather resistance, with excellent color fastness, suitable for dye ink printing, high clarity

    3.3D glossy photo paper

The printing pattern of this kind of photographic paper has strong stereo feeling, vivid image, practical and good effect

  1. magnetic photo paper

There are two kinds :glossy and matte,suitable for inkjet printers, gram weight is about 680gsm, the size of 4R, A4, A5, used for printing a variety of display photos, portrait, scenery, making refrigerator etc.

    5.self-adhesive photo paper

self-adhesive photo paper consists of three parts:facial tissue,bottom paper and glue,divided into roll and sheet,used for DVD,menu,and so on.

    6.dry minilab photo paper

Dry printing paper ink absorption is a physical reaction, no pollution, good sense of color, divided into glossy and woven, applied to the passport and promotional photos


After the specifications, I will teach you how to determine what is the best photo paper, divided into the following several points:

physical properties:

A, whiteness B, smoothness C, glossiness D, stiffness E, moisture

Printing properties:

A, color B, drying speed C, ink absorption D, waterproof E, color density

Appearance index:

A,Dimensional accuracy B, crimp degree C, skewness D, dust E, imprint, scratch

F, leakage coating G, crease  H, pinhole

Common problems of inkjet printing paper:

  1. custom

To meet the requirements of the 5000 square meters MOQ ,each template fee is 2500 yuan and the cost of the finished product is increasing 1 mao per square meter. The finished product has a quantity error of 5%.

  1. product packaging

Conventional neutral inserts can also provide packaging cartons, bags, envelopes and packaging.

  1. waterproof paper

"Waterproof" is the need to pay attention to the inside of the inkjet printing paper. waterproof generally refers to dry time, and to wipe up water will not affect the original picture, rather than throw into the water to verify the waterproof. But RC paper exception, the real RC photo paper is the whole waterproof.

  1. for outdoor or indoor

Suitable for indoor, cast coated photo paper and RC with the use of ink are not suitable for the outdoors. Outdoor generally require anti UV oxidation properties of products. The general use of solvent based inks. Unless the paper covered outside


5.Our Commitment

  After the introduction of these, you will want to ask me where to buy photo paper. Choose us, you will not regret it.We have complete confidence to offer you high quality and meet well with your requirements

1.10 years experience of printer consumables production in China. 
2. Top quality material ,Fast Delivery

3.We offer a wide range of best photo paper.We also offer best paper for printing on Canon.
4. Strict quality controlling and professional QC inspecting before shipping
5. Factory directly supply, all made by ourselves, save much cost for you. 
6. OEM/ODM orders are acceptable

Our excellent quality inkjet printing paper is available in a vast range –cast coated photo paper, micro-porous photo paper,self-adhesive photo paper,transfer paper etc– get them all here!


 6.Introduction of our company

  Shanghai Yesion Industrial Co., Ltd. ,founded in 2008,is an only profession Chinese manufacturer of inkjet media covering business in pulp &paper ,paper-marking ,digital printing media .Our company has grown into a large-scale manufacturer with 7 major production lines and more than 100 dedicated employees .Yesion has also been ISO9001 Quality System and ISO 1400 Environmental Management System certified .Now the company produces all kinds of inkjet products including : High glossy photo paper (double sides and signal ),matte photo paper, RC waterproof photo paper (glossy ,matte ,satin and Silky) ,glossy photo paper with sticker ,DVD sticker paper ,heat transfer paper and sublimation transfer paper .

  As a customer-oriented enterprise,we strive to create great service for our faithful customer.A Strict quality control system allow us to provide top-grade inkjet medias at the most competitive price .

  Our goal is to become an internationally recognized brand.Through continual innovation and optimization, we will achieve this goal.Please do not hesitate to contact us for new cooperative opportunities.



  We are a Chinese photo paper manufacturer,based on the spirit of company, pioneering, creation, honesty, development, confirmed the principle of quality and credit, Yesion will provide the finest product and perfect service to all clients. If you are a printing machine agents, advertising agencies,studio , etc., only there is any questions about the product , price or sample, please contact us. 

Products:photo paper, RC photo paper, self-adhesive photo paper ,transfer paper etc.



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