adhesive glossy photo paper

adhesive glossy photo paper

Adhesive photo paper is mainly for high-resolution inkjet printing.This kind of paper is treated to copy digital images in high resolution and wide compatibility, which allows adhesive application in graphic arts for making labels.


he paper consists of three parts : 

large format glossy photo paper

magnetic photo frame 5x7

laminating film a4 size

Surface paper: glossy photo paper 

pvc card printing material

laminating film composition

Glue: Water glue

photo paper for large format printers

Back paper: release paper


Instant dry.

Water resistant (waterproof).

Resistant to abrasion.

Resistant to aging.

Adhesive paper, plastic and glass.  


About printing with Dye inks (not pigmented).

If you print with dye, the ink will not be affected by UV light or pollute environments. If the printing is protected under normal temperature and humidity with a range of conditions, the paper will not present problems of discoloration, fading and premature aging.


Printer Compatibility

Suitable for almost Inkjet Printers with normal, dye or pigment based ink, including Canon, Epson, HP, Kodak, LEXMARK

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