Waterproof inkjet PET printing film

Waterproof inkjet PET printing film

Waterproof inkjet PET printing film


This is the description of Waterproof inkjet PET printing film

Product Features:

self adhesive photo paper glossy

adhesive photo paper

colorite self adhesive inkjet photo paper


1.Excellent waterproof function, without surface treatment after printing, has a good waterproof ability, suitable for graphic output and plate making.

avery self adhesive photo paper

2.High contrast, high definition; Support 5760 dpi resolution photo level output effect, can be used for high quality photo image output.

3.stable performance, long-term effective, no change of ink receptivity.

4.Physical imaging directly, transfer rate is 100% , no chemical reaction, with a unique high-tech manner,  make the film overlying together without touching each other, effectively solve the problem of printing film how to store for a long time.

The difference between waterproof inkjet PET printing film and non-waterproof inkjet PET printing film:

  1. Transparency: The waterproof inkjet PET printing film looks a bit blue because of the waterproof coating; transparency is poor. non-waterproof inkjet PET printing film don't have waterproof coating, so the transparency is very high!
  2. Drying speed: waterproof PET  is fast dry, color performance is very realistic; the non-waterproof need about 15 minutes to dry naturally after printing. (will also be affected by air humidity and temperature)
  3. Waterproof: waterproof PET after printing and dry, wipe with water won't rub off.

but non-waterproof will fade.

  1. Thickness: Waterproof PET: 0.11mm, non-waterproof PET: 0.08mm
  2. Weight: Waterproof PET: 170gsm, non-waterproof PET: 150gsm

- See more at: http://www.inkjetpapercn.com/product/Waterproof-inkjet-PET-printing-film.html#sthash.jd8nmwCw.dpuf

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