Laser white water transfer paper A4

Laser white water transfer paper A4

Water Slide will allow image transfer to objects that cannot be heated with a heat press.


    • First opening the package to take out the transfer paper (smooth surface for printing)
      applies to any laser printer

      Recommended Materials etc .

      Step by step

      1.Select Print Photos rating parameters , use the hair dryer after printing to heat and dry the ink or leave it to natural drying .

      2. Cut size ( Note: cutting from all around ,otherwise part of the edge varnish will stick to the base paper and difficult to separate )

      3. Implantation into the water for 30-60 seconds to make the base paper and transfer membrane separated . Sliding the paper is ok ( patterns up )

      4. Transfer patterns ( Open the base paper slowly , and make the transfer membrane close to the surface of the object )

      5. After position the paper , using a pictorial card to get rid of the bubble and water fully , and dry the moisture with blotting paper .

      6. Put it into the oven ,baking in the temperature of 110-130℃ for 10-15 minutes.
    • Size:A4 (210mm*297mm)     
    •  Weight: N/W:27.1kgs   
    • G/W :27.6kgs
    •  Carton size: 44.5*33.5*27cm
    •  Packing:20sheet/pack  50pack/ctn  
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