inkjet light transfer paper a4

inkjet light transfer paper a4

Heat pressing is a way to add your own artwork to a clothing item or personal accessory. A printed design, image or text is applied the fabric . Follow these steps to heat press a t-shirt.


This is the description of inkjet light transfer paper a4
inkjet light transfer paper
 dark heat transfer paper
dark heat transfer paper


 Items needed :
  Computer vs Graphic design softwar
  Inkjet printer
  Light heat transfer paper
  T-shirt 100% cotton or poly/ cotton blend white or light colored fabric 
  Heat press

   1. Design
   Choose the image or design the artwork you want to press onto the T-shirt.Ideas include a personal digital photograph, an abstract artistic design or a slogan.
   Use graphic design software to create or edit your T-shirt's artwork as necessary. Horizontally flip the image or artwork using the software to reverse it.

   Flip the image using the software Print the reversed (mirror)image or artwork onto heat transfer paper. Then leave it to dry for about 10 minutes.
   Load the heat transfer paper into your printer so the artwork or image prints onto the film side of the paper.
 Cut out any parts of the transfer paper you do not want to press onto the T-shirt.

 4.Iron transfer onto t-shirt 
  Preheat the heat press machine , and set the recommended transfer temperature to 185 ℃
  Place the T-shirt on a heat press. Lay the mirrored artwork or image face down over your chosen T-shirt.Transfer for 15-30 seconds under certain pressure.

 5.Cool down 
  After ironing,then remove the garment from the heat area

Peel off the base paper immediately, or when it is warmed or cooled for your best results.  tr

ansfer  printing paper  transfer paper for T-shirt

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