laser light transfer paper a4

laser light transfer paper a4

laser light transfer paper a4


This is the description of laser light transfer paper a4
Name laser light transfer paper
Apply Light fabric
Printer Laser printer ,recommended HP laser printer
Ink Toner
Size A3/A4
Pack/ctn A4: 100sheets/pack, 24pack/ctn
A3: 100sheets/pack ,12pack/ctn
Dimension 45*32*26cm
N.W./G.W. 29/30kg
Packing Cardboard carton with Plastic bag for each pack
Instruction Temp:185



1.Easy print
2.High elastic
3.Soft stretch feeling
4.Vivid color
5.No cracking
6.Easy cut
7.Long time durability

8.Good fastness


Transfer paper operating instructions:

1.set and print image

a.recommended using HP laser printer

b.Mirror Printing


Preheat the heat press machine, and set the recommended transfer temperature to 185℃.Place the image-printed paper on the textile, printed (image) side facing down.

Transfer for 15-30 seconds under certain pressure, then remove the textile from machine.Peel off the base paper immediately, or when it is warmed or cooled for your best results.


Washing Attentions:                                                   

1.Wash after 24 hours

2.Wash warm water or cold water

3.Wash inside-out

4.Don't bleach

5.Don't dryclean

6.Wash soft for the machine


The difference between light and dark transfer paper

It is vital that you choose the right paper for the colour of the substrate you are printing on. In general terms, images printed image on Light Transfer Paper will provide a vibrant and accurate image on white and light coloured fabric. Ink is translucent and is not visible unless it is laid on a white or very light coloured background.

Dark fabrics require the Dark Transfer Paper which a white background that is transferred with the ink and blocks out the colour of the substrate from coming through the ink. Subsequently, suitable images tend to be block images or images that the white areas can be easily cut away as they will appear on the shirt once the transfer process is complete. Here’s more on the difference between light and dark transfer paper.



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