Which photo paper is better? Glossy or matte?

There’s no definite answer. A glossy paper gives you a shiny finish while a matter paper doesn’t have that shine, all other factors same.

2017 RemaxWorld Expo

China (Zhuhai) International Printing Supplies Exhibition RemaxWorld Expo is the largest professional printing supplies exhibition of the world, attracting professional buyers and exhibitors from around the world to come to the exhibition.

We will go to work regularly

From 0ct 9th ,we will go to work regularly,if you have any order,pls feel free to contact us. we can offer you the best photo paper and transfer paper.

when Mid-Autumn Festival encounter National Day holiday

2017 Mid-Autumn Festival falls on October 4th. The day is within the National Day holiday (Oct. 1 - 7) and will prolong this holiday to Oct. 8. Due to the pleasant autumn weather this is a peak time for travel.

2017 Peru International Advertising & Printing Exhibition---GRAFINCA

Peru International Advertising Fair ---- GRAFINCA South Pacific advertising manufacturing and printing industry is one of the professional exhibition, is Peru's largest advertising exhibition.

how to choose best photo paper for different usage

Do you know there how many types about inkjet photo paper? Some paper makes your pictures bright and lively, when you communicate with photo paper seller, how can you tell him what you want? After reading this article, you are introduced to photography preliminarily.

We are coming--2017 MEXICO FESPA

2017 MEXICO FESPA will be held from September 21 to September 23 at the Mexico City International Exhibition Center.Our company---Shanghai Yesion Industrial Co., Ltd will attend this event.Our Booth number:Booth NO.J40.

Why Chinese photo paper price are exploding recently?

Hello, everyone! Recently, the Chinese photo paper are exploding, so today i will analyze the factors for yours.

Yesion glossy and matte self adhesive photo paper China

Shanghai Yesion Industrial Co., Ltd. ,was founded in 2008,which is an only profession coated paper manufacturer enterprises in China covering business in pulp &paper ,paper-marking ,digital printing media .We provide a comprehensive range of inkjet media,including high glossy photo paper ,matte photo paper, RC photo paper (glossy ,matte ,satin and Silky) ,heat transfer paper etc.,which is used for HP,Epson,Kodat, Canon, Lexmark.

Glossy and satin dry minilab rolls for EpsonD700 /FujiDX100

Hello, everyone! Today, i will introduce our hot selling product: Dry minilab roll. Dry minilab Photo Paper, also called Gap-type Paper, or Micro-porous Paper, which base paper is the same as our traditional Photo Paper.

Yesion Glossy/Matte Photo Paper

Photo paper comes in two main types: glossy or matte. Although both glossy and matte have their pros and cons, it really comes down to personal choice.

Выберите высококачественную самодостаточную фотобумагу Yesion

Shanghai Yesion Industrial Co., Ltd. Имеет более чем 10-летний опыт производства и экспорта цифровых печатных носителей. Мы прошли сертификацию ISO9001 и SGS. Мы можем предложить высококачественную самодостаточную фотобумагу для вас. Быстрая доставка, строгая система контроля и хорошее качество.

High Quality Photo Paper Size---Photo Paper Rolls ?

When saying to photo paper size, there are 3R, 4R, 5R, 6R, A3, A4 etc. Besides, photo paper rolls are also common on photographic industrial. Photo paper rolls come in very handy when it comes to modern day digital printing.

Yesion Remax World Expo Zhuhai China 12-14 Oct 2017

RemaxWorld Expo is the largest trade show for the print consumables industry. The event has been held annually since 2007 in the print consumables capital of the world—Zhuhai, China—providing buyers and suppliers around the world with an international, networking & cooperation platform. Shanghai Yesion Industrial Co., Ltd. is an only profession coated paper manufacturer enterprises in China covering business in pulp &paper ,paper-marking ,digital printing media . Remax World Expo Zhuhai China 12-14 Oct 2017,our booth NO. is Hall 4-4555,looking forward for your arrival.

Why does high glossy paper stick together?

There are many a lot of high glossy photo paper in the market , you will find that if the two photos together with the stack together

Что такое бумага для передачи тепла?

Переносная бумага разделена на бумагу для струйной печати и лазерной передачи, кроме того, струйная переносная бумага разделяется на бумагу для струйной печати / печати, а бумага для переноса лазера также разделяется на бумагу для лазерного света / темного переноса.Сегодня мы кратко представим бумагу для переноса тепла

wooden photo frame suits for our dry minilab photo paper

New product for wooden frame suit for our dry minilab photo paper and Epson/ Fuji printer

How to choose photo paper to printing

At this stage the tourism industry is more and more developed, people are more and more like to travel around, but how to keep the scenery along with their own, the photo has become one of the essential items to keep your beautiful moments . But how to choose the type of photo, how to better save it?

Self adhesive Photo paper

Our self adhesive photo paper has three types: self adhesive glossy, matte and PET series.

we will have a vocation in Thailand,from June 16th to 21st

from June 16th to 21st, we will have a vocation in Thailand. you can mail to us:yesion@yesion.com By the urgency pls call:+86-18717853955

How to choose RC and Cast coated photo paper

The paper base of resin-coated papers is sealed by two polyethylene layers. It is suitable for professional customers due to its print result and waterproof effect. In usual, it can be used for wedding pictures, art photo, family photo, portrait, commercial advertisement, brochure and so on.

How to Use T-shirt Transfer Paper Correctly ?

T-shirt transfer paper are designed for 100% cotton t-shirt printing, and printing with t-shirt transfer paper belongs to the sublimation printing. But there exist many mistakes when using t-shirt paper. Now , let’s check the common mistakes one by one.

Frequently Asked Questions of Transfer paper

And today i introduce some FAQ of heat transfer paper in operation.mainly introducing the following four Frequently Asked Questions:FAQ1,Transferring pictures with lighter color,FAQ2, Transferring pictures with missing part,FAQ3, When you wash, the color fades,FAQ4, It fades due to sunlight.

Why Sublimation Paper Can be Used for Nylon, Polyester, Lycra?

As one of the most common application of sublimation printing, textile printing can be see all around us. The clothes you wear, the curtain in your house, the banner on the street...Can sublimation transfer paper be used for all fabrics? The answer is No. Sublimation paper is mostly used in Nylon , Polyester, Lycra and other synthetic fabrics. Then have you wondered why ?

Application of Water Transfer Paper

Water Transfer Paper is mainly used for various kinds of Ceramic, Glass, Mug, etc. With higher requirements of products package and decorations, the applications have greatly expanded. The current developed usages have Printed Ceramic Flower Paper, Glass Paper Printing, Printing Paper Flowers Helmets, Sporting Goods Decals, Decals Metal Tube, and the surface of the Toy Car Models Decal, Printed Wood Paper Flowers, Fashion Tattoo Stickers, etc.

The difference between RC and CC photo paper

Photo papers are a very general term applied to a wide range of high resolution coated inkjet papers. The most popular types and the subject of this article are the resin coated and cast coated photo papers .

2017 FESPA dare to design different for Vision sublimation company

#FESPA will be held in Hamburg 8-12th May 2017. Our booth No. is B4L-A37.We will show the specific usage of #sublimation paper on this #exhibition. Looking forward to your arrival!

Difference betweenn the glossy sticker paper and the matte sticker paper

The difference between the glossy sticker paper and the matte sticker paper glossy sticker paper, as the name suggests, is consist with surface paper+glue+release paper, you can tear off the kind of free paste, the market called stickers. matte sticker paper on the basis of the paper must be suitable for color printing machine printing color spray special paper

Water decal transfer paper

Water decal transfer paper, which widely used on Mug, Pen, Glass, Crystal, Metal, Handphone, Wood, Tile, Plastic, Souvenir and so on. People perfer to that it is most popular way to show their distinctive and print anything they want on the suitable materials. Also it can be instead of sublimation transfer paper, to transfer on Irregular goods.

Choose correct four types of RC photo paper

As we all know RC (Resin coated ) photo paper have four different types of surface, glossy, satin, rough and woven. For most customers or dealers, only could be familiar with 1 or 2 types , because glossy and satin RC photo paper are the main products on the markets, or on some market glossy photo paper is the only available RC paper. However, the difference of surfaces should be noticed for their features.

How to use paper properly

To make you photo print colorful and vivid , you should to know how to use our Yesion photo paper

which printer suit for dry mini lab photo paper

Yesion dry mini lab paper used for dry mini lab printer like Epson D700 /Fuji DX100

what is adhesive photo paper

There is matte and glossy adhesive photo paper with sheet and roll .

Yesion Introduction For Inkjet Printing Photo Paper Categories

If you really want to come to know inkjet printing photo paper,you’d better get to know their categories first. So now Shanghai Yesion industrial Co.,Ltd. show some professional introduction for you.

Yesion Introduction For Inkjet Printing Photo Paper Categories

If you really want to come to know inkjet printing photo paper,you’d better get to know their categories first. So now Shanghai Yesion industrial Co.,Ltd. show some professional introduction for you.

Apppexpo show in shanghai

This is the second year for our Yesion to take part in the APPPEXPO and in 2016 most of our customer will coming here again.We will main show our inkjet media like photo paper and transfer paper for you .

Yesion dry minilab photo paper for fuji and Epson printer

Yesion now sell dry minilab photo paper and compatible ink for Epson d700 and Fuji dX100

Promotion for some stock for photo paper

There is about ten years for our Yesion to produce and export inkjet photo paper and transfer paper . And now there is some stock in our warehouse with some problem . Today we do the promotion for 200gsm photo paper which when you print there is have no high Dpi.

120th Canton Fair 2016 for Yesion

The 120th Carton Fair be starting . And time for Office will begin at 31th October to 4th Nov.

Paperworld for 2017

At Paperworld, the international trade fair for paper, office supplies and stationery products, you'll find all the industry's latest trends and product ideas.

Yesion Dry minilab photo paper and ink

Together with thousands of photo professionals you have the same thoughts: Why pay for extensive service contracts?

APPPEXPO 2017 for Yesion photo paper

This is the second year for our Yesion to take part in the APPPEXPO and in 2016 most of our customer will coming here again. We will main show our inkjet media like photo paper and transfer paper for you . Our dry minilab photo paper and Epson D700 printe

Exhibition plan for 2017

2017 is coming and for this year we will attend many exhibition ,below is our plan.