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Application of Water Transfer Paper

   posted on  2017-05-15 10:21:12

  Water Transfer Paper is mainly used for various kinds of Ceramic, Glass, Mug, etc.

With higher requirements of products package and decorations, the applications have

greatly expanded. The current developed usages have Printed Ceramic Flower Paper,

Glass Paper Printing, Printing Paper Flowers Helmets, Sporting Goods Decals, Decals

Metal Tube, and the surface of the Toy Car Models Decal, Printed Wood Paper Flowers,

Fashion Tattoo Stickers, etc.

  The instructions of Water Transfer Paper are divided into the following four steps.

a, Print patterns onto Water Transfer Paper; 

b, Spray the vanish

c, Dip paper with patterns into the water;

d, Transfer patterns onto the surface of the transferred object;

e, Put the object into the over for the heating or use hair drier.


To make the best transfer effect, the following aspects are also need to pay more attention.

a, Due to the particular sensitive to the temperature and humidity, we need to pay more

attention to protect Water Transfer Paper from the moisture and avoid the direct sunlight

in the storage and printing process.

b, 22℃ temperature and 55% humidity are the relatively stable printing environment.You’d

better maintain the temperature and humidity constant in the workshop to prevent the paper

from stretching or curling due to abrupt changes of temperature and humidity.  

c, Before printing, the paper should be placed into the workshop in advance to let the paper

adapt to the environment. Once the paper is stable, we can begin to print the paper.  

d, Transfer the patterns into the warm water, about 25℃. And should often change the water,

especially in Winter.  


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