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Characteristics of Flock and Glitter heat transfer vinyl

posted on  2019-05-13 13:57:03

Flock heat transfer paper

1) Pure and uniform fluff, environmentally friendly material, excellent handle elasticity; 

2) Suitable for all kinds of textile fabrics, which do not withstand the color limitation of the printed products and have strong covering power.

3) Rubbing resistance, hand washing, machine washing can be used, can use a variety of washing methods, high and low temperature environment without glue, cracking;

4) UV and sunlight resistance, never fade;

5) Suitable for personalized DIY production, easy to operate;

6) Can be set color transfer printing, so that the clothing (especially T) pattern more rich, more personality;


Glitter heat transfer paper

1) Washing resistance, high temperature resistance, high elasticity, non-fading;

2) It has a wide range of applications and can be widely used in various textile fabrics.

3) The products are rich in color and have a wide range of choices.

4) Good stereoscopic feeling, even and meticulous shallot powder, uniform flash effect.









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