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Difference between RC photo paper and Cast coated Photo paper

Posted on  2018-06-04 11:34:55

Some people particularly like photography. At the same time, they will also wash out these photos. At this time, photo paper will be used. There are many types of photos on the market. The most easy to use is high gloss photo paper, high light. The photo paper's anti-aging property is relatively good, at the same time its color rendering degree is relatively high, it is not easy to fade, can make the picture clear, so its use frequency is also relatively high. Then this article specifically introduces the following differences between glossy photo paper and RC photo paper and its features.

First, the difference between glossy photo paper and RC photo paper

1.The substrate: two products can be selected, coated plastic coated paper after the base paper. Therefore, only from the substrate to distinguish, if the coated high-gloss photo paper is also selected as the substrate after coating the photographic paper base material, then cast coated high gloss photo paper can also be called cast coated high gloss photo paper.

2.Gloss: The gloss of the cast-coated high-gloss photographic paper is mainly due to the transfer of the casting cylinder and therefore the finish of the cylinder、、pressure. Such factors directly affect the gloss of the product. RC glossy photo paper does not cast the cylinder so the gloss comes mainly from the resin itself and is not affected by other external factors.

3.Print drying speed: the two are basically the same.

4.The degree of color reduction: the two are basically the same.

5.Coating process: RC glossy photo paper is made by multi-stage extrusion coating machine after wet coating three to four times, the speed is faster, but the technology is more complex, domestic companies already have this technology. United States、Japan's three or four large companies (Konika, Mitsubishi, Kodak) have a relatively high level of technology. High-gloss photographic paper is cast by ordinary casting equipment once or twice, with slower speed but relatively simple technology. At present, China has produced products in many places.

6.The use of two products: both products can better reproduce the true color of the picture, non-professionals from the product appearance is difficult to distinguish, so for the average consumer use value is basically the same, there may be some differences between the professional company (such as photo studios).






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