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Glossy photo paper

posted on 2018-01-15 10:40:16

Today, we talk about high glossy photo paper. Among of all kinds of photo paper, high glossy photo paper is more popular. Gram:115-260gsm Size:A4 A3 3R 4R 5R

High glossy photo paper is ideal for wide format inkjet printers, plotters, and desktop inkjet printers. High glossy photo paper is often a sort of cast coated paper of a vibrant white and glossy surface with higher brightness and whiteness for photo paper, text printing, house or office use, consumer and professional output, advertisement.

Also, our high glossy photo paper has many advantages: non-toxin, Harmless, non-radioactive, eco-friendly, super high initial brightness, long after glow time, high-precision image, etc.

What's more, high glossy photo paper is a popular product which can offer you the highest color gamut. It's a perfect medium for everyday photo print. It can give clear, vivid and premium quality color to printed photographic images. Our high glossy photo paper is waterproof as well as the ink on it'll dry speedily.

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