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How to Use T-shirt Transfer Paper Correctly ?

posted on 2017-06-05 10:12:13

T-shirt transfer paper are designed for 100% cotton t-shirt printing, and printing with t-shirt transfer

paper belongs to the sublimation printing. But there exist many mistakes when using t-shirt paper.

Now , let’s check the common mistakes one by one.

 1.Print on the right side.

Many people don’t know which is the right side to print when they get the t-shirt transfer paper. For example,

the two sides of our t-shirt transfer paper are different, the white side is the print side, and another side is filled

with our “VISION” watermark.

 2.Print the light t-shirt paper on mirror mode.

If you want to print with light t-shirt transfer paper, you should remember that you must print on the mirror

mode, or your images will appear the wrong way round.

 3.Remember to cut the image

Different from sublimation paper, you need to cut around the image on the t-shirt paper carefully. Or the

blank space will be transferred to the fabric at the same time, and your t-shirt will looks ugly.

 4.Keep the surface is flat when heat pressing

Remember your t-shirt transfer paper must be close to the fabric tightly and flatly, or the image will not be sufficiently

attached to the fabric, and you will have a failure result.

 5.Pay attention to the temperature

As we all know, cotton could not endure high temperature, and this is also the reason why we can’t use normal

sublimation paper for 100% cotton fabric. Pay attention to the temperature when heat pressing, and you’d better

reach its maximum temperature before you iron the transfer.







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