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How to storage the cast coated photo paper

posted on  2018-10-22 10:10:11

Cast coated photo paper, they are widely used for high resolution office, home print-out of business card ,greeting card , business presentation.Now we talk how to storage the photo paper


Firstly . Unprinted photo paper.

1.Store the Photo Paper in clean, cool and dry environment

2.Be away from wet hands, or sweat or any other occasions that may cause stains or damage

3.Be careful not to bent the paper.

4.Avoid high temperature, moisture and direct can put them in a OPP bags


Printing photo paper how about to keep the image more long time ~


1.For Cast coated photo paper , in order to keep the image more long you can make a film on the photo paper . cold laminating, please do not hot film

After the completion, the photo will be sealed, more waterproof , and it can be stored for a long time.


2.Keep the photo in an album







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