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Inkjet PET transparent self adhesive Film

posted on  2019-03-14 18:01:18

This inkjet printing film has very good printing quality , rich color definition .well used in advertisment,hospital and printing industry.

This inkjet printing film can be printed with waterproof-resistant pigment ink or dye-based ink with special great black color output.


1):PET materials

2): High definition ,instant dry

3):compatible with dye& pigment ink

4):used for windle display,silk screen, wide screen,lithographic printing

5):compatible with inkjet printers and laser printers.

6):self adhesive backside is adopt paper not PET ,convenient for your peel .


Mainly used for high-definition pattern printing; printing plate making, offset plate making, silk screen plate making, printing plate making and other printing inkjet plate making; photo studio ; advertising photo; digital crafts; digital signage and medal making


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