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Inkjet glossy photo paper

posted on  2019-05-29 14:55:14

Product introduction: Base paper as substrate, back printing, high whiteness color can reflect colorful colors; extraordinary image clarity and color saturation; fast drying speed; widely used in Epson HP Canon and other dye inkjet printers,  High quality images enable professional photo output.


 Instructions for use:

 (1) Suitable for various dye type inkjet printers;

 (2) Please select the printing surface correctly when using, and support high-precision printing such as 1440 2880 4800 and 5760dpi;

 (3) In order to ensure the print quality, the remaining paper should be put back in the bag and sealed to avoid high temperature, humidity and direct sunlight;

 (4) In order to achieve the printing effect you need, please select the best printing mode after the test and output according to the instructions of the printer;

 (5) Avoid fingerprints or sweat on the paper during printing to avoid splashing colored water droplets such as tea or beverages;

 (6) Do not use the highlighter on the printed surface, do not touch the surface with wet hands to avoid image fading or discoloration;

 (7) After printing, the photo is best preserved after being covered by a film or placed in an album.


Ways to identify the quality of photographic paper:

1.Pull the paper out of the bag and lay it on the table. Wait for half an hour to see if the paper is upturned or tilted on both sides. If there is a serious lift, it proves that the paper is unqualified.

2.Visually check the surface for scratches, punctures or black spots.

3.Look at the smoothness and flatness of the surface to identify whether it is a gel or powder coating.

4.Look at the whiteness of the paper

5.Look at the shading of photographic paper

6.Identify the waterproof performance. Drip a little water to the surface of the paper. After a few minutes, observe whether there is water seeping on the back of the paper.

7.Adjust the printer to the appropriate DPI to observe the paper's printing efficiency and ink drying speed.

8.Take out the entire photographic paper and observe if the trimming is neat.







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