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Laser dark heat transfer paper

posted on  2018-06-13 14:55:30

The quality of laser dark heat transfer paper has been greatly improved after upgrading.

The previous laser color thermal transfer paper, some customer feedback the paper sometimes appear paper jam when printing , and also high requirements for the printer .Need to cooperate with the laser printer with cold light source for printing.

We accept our customers' suggestions and actively improved ,and now upgraded laser dark heat transfer paper ,also could be use HP laser printer.

The following points should be noted in the using process:

  1. Select label paper for printing mode
  2. Printing machine: HP laser printer is recommended or laser printer with cold light source
  3. The recommended temperature for transfer is 140-150 degrees, time is 10 seconds.
  4. Pressure: low pressure
  5. Washing : Do not washing until 24hours after

And now it could use HP inkjet printer, So the application will be very widely in future .







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