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Laser uncoated transfer paper

posted on   2018-07-16 10:20:29

Laser uncoated transfer paper, make your pen unique, customize your exclusive logo

To complete these you only need the following equipment and tools

1.Laser Uncoated paper

2.Laser printer

3.High temperature tape

4.Pen press machine.

The first step: use a laser printer & uncoated paper,printing the image what you need.

Step 2: Cut the picture and wrap the picture on the pen with high temperature tape.

Step 3: Put the pen on the pen press machine to transfer.( suggest temparture and time is 175 ° C, 10-25S ) the pressure should not too big . prevented pens to be crushed.

Customized pens can be made in just 3 steps, it is easy to operation and use . it could use for mass production. also could serving as a gift to a friend.






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