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Luster inkjet photo paper

posted on 2018-03-19 10:49:51

   Rough surface, there is no reflection, so Luster inkjet photo paper has the good texture. There has frosted feeling in the surface, so it is not easy to get fingerprints and stored longer. However, the brightness is so low and not brighter than glossy inkjet photo paper, but professional photographers prefer the more Luster inkjet photo paper. Also, because the paper surface has textured grainy, blurry photos, portrait photos with Luster wash effect will be better. It seems velvet feel in Luster surface, slightly rough, slightly worse quality, easy to stick fingerprints. Flock of another can not glue, can long-term preservation (but need to pay attention to water, moisture, corrosion).

    Luster Photo softer, especially suitable for the performance figures. Portrait can use Luster inkjet photo paper.

    If you are living according to the general surface of some relatively bright (smooth in color, gradation, and so performance is stronger), if the place has a front glass frame on Luster or choose a long time and the glass will not stick together. Frame larger image slightly rough Luster election.

    Luster paper (also called matte finish inkjet photo paper or matte surface photographic paper), since the surface rough textured paper, so good Luster inkjet photo paper texture, surface matte feeling, no reflection, is not easily stained fingerprints; but translucent lower level, there is no bright glossy inkjet photo paper, professional photographers prefer the more Luster.

Also, because the paper surface textured grainy, blurry photos with relatively Luster wash effect may be better, the longer its shelf life, generally used for ordinary life photos.








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