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Photo Paper Roll For EpsonD700 /FujiDX100

posted on 2018-02-26 11:13:55

Dry minilab photo paper roll, also called Gap-type or Micro-porous photo paper roll, which base paper is the same as our traditional photo paper. Waterproof PE coating, resin coating is coated on the surface of both sides of the base paper, which uses silica material in Nanoscale (Particle diameter is less than 150nm). Therefore, can result in extremely fine Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Fine Particle. When the ink sprayed up on photo paper roll, can be quickly absorbed by similar honeycomb Micro-porous, that is so-called Instant Dry. Also why we call Gap-type photo paper roll.

We have two types, one is glossy, another is satin with three grams 240 260 270gsm. Photo paper roll size: (5"/6"/8"/8.3"/10"/12"*65m/100m) and other size can be customized. Notice: When using the paper, do not fold or damage the printing surface of photo paper roll, and please put the paper that you will not use temporarily back into the packing bag. What's more, you must be careful the photo paper roll should avoid the high temperature, moisture and direct sunlight; At last but not the least, you should follow the correct property settings as the printer prompts for the best effect of the image and color.  

Free samples can be provided for your test, but the shipping cost should be paied by your side ( WU or Paypal ). Samples will be sent to you within 2-3 days once we receive your payment.

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