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RC Inkjet Photo Paper

posted on 2018-01-22 09:45:02

As we all know RC (Resin coated ) inkjet photo paper have four different types of surface, glossy, satin, rough and woven. For most customers or dealers, only could be familiar with 1 or 2 types , because glossy and satin RC inkjet photo paper are the main products on the markets, or on some market glossy inkjet photo paper is the only available RC paper. However, the difference of surfaces should be noticed for their features.


 (1)Glossy: More bright and shining than other papers, smooth surface. Any people or landscape will show its best color on glossy paper, and that’s why it’s the most popular paper in RC inkjet photo paper.

 (2)Satin: different with glossy paper, satin RC inkjet photo paper has special texture on its surface. And graph will show different when the light come from different angles.

 (3)Rough: Rough RC inkjet photo paper has very slightly different with satin RC paper, most people can’t distinguish the texture between them. The more granular sensation make the photo dynamic effect.

 (4)Woven: Woven RC paper give the photo more heavy sense. If you take photos to Roma Colosseum, The Great Wall, woven RC inkjet photo paper will show you the best effect.











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