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The difference between heat transfer and water transfer

posted on 2018-04-23 13:12:12

According to the different pressure, the current market transfer method is divided into: heat transfer printing, water transfer printing, screen printing and so on.

Heat transfer printing is a new way of printing patterns on various materials. It is especially suitable for making a small variety of personalized and customized products, and printing designs that contain full color images or photos. Its principle is to digital watermark pattern with special heat transfer through the printer ink on the heat transfer from, again with special transfer printing machine, high temperature and high pressure to design precise transfer to the surface of a commodity, printed finish goods.

Water transfer printing technology is the use of the water pressure will take color pattern transfer paper/plastic polymer hydrolysis of a printing, known as comparative environmental protection technology, probably related to him from the ink in the process of printing. The water transfer pressure and the activator are used to dissolve the dissolving layer on the film.

At present, the most popular and widely used transfer is water transfer and heat transfer. Choosing which transfer method to use still depends on the product decision, the most suitable is the best.






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