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Water Decal transfer paper for Amazon Market

Posted on  2019-01-30 17:15:37

Recently, water transfer papers are selling well in the US market, especially in the Amazon market.

2 kinds for your choose for different printer

1.Inkjet water decal transfer paper  (clear & white)

2.Laser water decal transfer paper  (clear & white)

We have conducted special research on the transportation of products in the Amazon market. There are also many successful deals

1.Provide high quality and stable quality to water transfer paper

2.Good freight forwarding for you ,and provide DDP services. Help you send your products directly to the Amazon FBI cabin.

3.There will be the best price every month to help you save costs

4.Keep track of cargo logistics, ensure timely arrival, and notify you in time, so that you can clearly understand the progress of cargo transportation....

Let you have a good shopping experience. Give you the best service.

Welcome to Yesion company(  ,look forward to cooperation with you







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