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Water slide decal paper

posted on   2018-12-24 11:29:25

Water transfer is a type of printing in which a transfer paper/transfer film with a color pattern is transferred by using water as a dissolving medium. As people's requirements for product packaging and decoration have increased, the use of water transfer has become more widespread.


Usually, an inkjet/laser printer is used to print the desired color pattern on the water transfer paper. When the water is in contact, the hydrosol layer is automatically dissolved to separate the color material from the transfer paper, thereby realizing the transfer of graphics and text.

(Note: After the inkjet water transfer paper is printed, it needs to spray a layer of varnish on the surface)


It is divided into two types: transparent type and white type:

Transparent: Suitable for transparent, white or light objects such as crystal and glass. (Water transfer preferred, the most widely used, the largest amount)

White background: opaque, white base, can transfer dark or black items, mask the color of the product itself.






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