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What is the sublimation transfer paper?

posted on  2018-09-03 13:09:10

What is the sublimation transfer paper?

The Heat sublimation transfer printing is a portrait, landscape, such as text by using a thermal sublimation transfer printing ink inkjet printer to mirror print on the sublimation transfer printing with inkjet paper, heated to a temperature of about 180-230 ℃ after thermal transfer equipment, make the sublimation paper sublimation thermal transfer ink seep into the substrates, so as to put the paper on the color image lifelike to transfer to textiles, porcelain, porcelain, porcelain plate, metal material such as a new technology.

Product specification: hot sublimation is used for the printing of ink jet paper roll paper.

Width: 0.21m;  0.42 m; 0.48 m; 0.61 m; 0.914 m; 1.118 m; 1.3 m; 1.6 m; 1.62 m (1.8 yuan per square meter) (customizable according to user's requirements)

Common specification for flat sheet paper: A4:21cm * 29.7 cm (100 pieces per pack)

The use of thermal sublimation transfer paper use special heat sublimation transfer printing ink Must use the sublimation transfer printing ink, this kind of made of disperse dye inks, the heat transfer temperature will produce sublimation with substrates and dyeing. The quality of hot sublimation ink is not suitable for blocking sprinkler head, the color is realistic and the stability is good.

2.Adjust the appropriate color concentration to adjust the concentration of color in the computer, avoid the occurrence of excessive ink drying, and then check the effect of the heat transfer printing after adjustment.

3.adjust the appropriate hot pressing temperature and time of thermal transfer temperature range of about 180-180 ℃, time of about 10 to 30 seconds, before the formal mass transfer should make small decision optimum technological parameters.

4.The hot pressing surface must be pressed against the hot pressing surface, transfer paper, and the surface of the substrate when the heat transfer is required.

5.the advantages of heat sublimation transfer printing The sublimation transfer printing graphic colorful, rich, its effect is equivalent to that of the printing, heat sublimation transfer printing is in high temperature heated sublimation thermal transfer ink into objects, which form a colorful image after sublimation. Therefore, the heat transfer product is durable, the image won't fall off, crack and fade.







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