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Why Chinese photo paper price are exploding recently?

posted on 2017-09-04 10:27:55

Hello, everyone! Recently, the Chinese photo paper are exploding, so today i will analyze the factors

for yours.

The seventh round of the yearlong strict inspection on air pollution control had been completed by

Jul.20 between Jul.7 and Jul.20, the inspection checked a total of 5322 businesses (organizations),

and found evniromental incompliances in 1389 of them.

From the industrial perspective, the rubber and plastics manufacturing, machinery manfuacturing,

coating and spraying, plywood, packaging and printing industries contributed the largest share of

VOCs emission.

Environmental storm swept China, and paper-making industry around the country came to shut

down. About 10,000 polluting companies were ordered to suspend production or shut down by the

end of July, including some material raw factories.So what’s the uniting factor for these diverse


The Environment.

With the government putting pressure on inspectors to shut down polluting factories, mines,and

processing factilities by September.

Such extended closures would make the current rally in Chinese commodity price more than temporary.

And an extended run in Chinese prices will almost certainly put upward pressure on world rates.


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