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Yesion dry minilab photo paper for fuji and Epson printer

Why Dry minilab develop

This designed to meet the demands of high-quality photo print production .

Essentially, a dry lab is a printing system that uses no chemistry as part of

the printing process. This means you can replace the paper in a lighted room,

and you can start printing almost immediately after flipping on the switch.

It is a clean, simple and high quality method of printing digital photographs in volume.

To develop dry minilab there is two primary media-printer and paper .


Which Printer we should choice

Of course Dry minilab printer ,almost all have high speed print function such as Epson

(SureLab SL-D700 and SL-D3000), Fujifilm (Frontier S-DX100, DL600/650 and DL410/430/450)

as well as Noritsu (QSS Green/Green II, D705/703, D502 and1005HR).


Which paper do you need

Today’s generation of dry minilab can encourage customers to conduct the easiest back-up of

all—having a trusted retailer print their digital pictures on high quality paper so that it can be

enjoyed for years to come instead of having those memories held hostage on a hard drive. So

the most important printing materials is paper.Two kinds finish is popular ,glossy and satin .

They have a microporous ink receiving layer optimized for the dye inks used in dry minilabs.

Thus, the prints offer a very high sharpness, brilliant colours and deep blacks without noticeable

matting even at high ink load. The pleasant, slightly warmish base tint pleases skin tones, the

wide colour gamut allows rich colours with most subtle tonal scales and finest details. The prints

will feel instantly dry after printing and are smudge-proof and splash-water resistant. 

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