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Alibaba Live -- photo paper and sticker item

Posted on 2020-06-01 11:13:01


With the advent of the mobile Internet of Things, mobile terminal traffic has surged, and more and more platforms attach importance to live broadcast platforms. For Alibaba merchants, the power of live broadcast cannot be ignored, and we have caught up with the first batch of live broadcast Waves.

We are from Shanghai Yesion Company !

the manufacturer of photo paper, which exporting photo paper more then 10 years. As we all know, Yesion is famous brand in Photo

paper industry, with high reputation, Excellent service, competitive price.

This live is major show two main products we are producing and selling.   Photo paper items and sticker items.

Nowadays , the photo paper is not only for photographic record, it is more widely used in advertising posters, leaflets, product renderings, desk calendar, personality poker.Personalized printing,and many usage for office and school .

we have 4 types can be chose Single side glossy , double side glossy, single side matte and double side matte.

Many size and weight for your choose .     

Next,we showed our stick items.(sticker photo paper and sticker film)

It is consists of three parts: face paper, glue and released paper.

these ones have glue on the back ,you can stick it on anywhere you want , it can be as a label , or DIY picture .

We also have some special items to introduce.They are PVC card, water transfer paper, Magnetic paper, 3d photo paper,and so on.

Below is our replay link:


For more information, pls contact us ,more details will be sent to you soon.







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