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How to transfer for 100% cotton T-shirts

posted on  2018-04-17 10:41:02

Nowadays, polyester and cotton fabrics have occupied the main market in the textile market.People are increasingly pursuing personalization.

Personalization has become more and more popular.Although sublimation is widely used for Large format printing and personalization.But it also has certain limitations and cannot be used in pure cotton fabrics.

So for cotton fabrics, how to choose to customize their own products? At this time, inkjet transfer paper will be the best choice for you. On the one hand, inkjet heat transefr paper has strong compatibility with printers. It is suitable for all inkjet printers. Customers can customize their own clothes according to their preferences. On the other hand, the transfer rate is very good and the printed colors are really bright.

Choose Inkjet heat transfer printing paper , make the cotton fabric to personalized customization.

Yesion can offer A3 A4 size inkjet and laser transfer paper for your choice.Feel free to contact us.






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