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Sub-light no cut transfer paper

posted on   2019-04-03 17:25:13

New products:Sub-light no cut transfer paper

Some advantages of the paper

1.Comprehensively solve the problem of unsightly “glue bottom” after transfer, use hollow transfer paper, and transfer easily in one step

2.Only transfer color, other parts show hollowing effect, bid farewell to scissors and cutting plotter

3.Instead of the traditional screen printing process, no plate making, one printing, easy to complete, excellent results

4.It is especially suitable for transfer signs, cartoons, texts and other colors and patterns with a color density of more than 60% (for example: black, red, dark green, dark blue, pure yellow and other dark colors)

5.Transfer is required only with a normal inkjet printer, no need for expensive hardware support

6.Suitable for transfer on fabrics with high or high cotton content


1.Morror Printing with sublimation ink





6.Wash after 24 hours

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