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sublimation paper in 0.21x1m &0.21x100m

posted on   2019-06-26 17:37:42

Hi everyone,  The new size of sublimation paper in 0.21x1m &0.21x100m

Yesion company is professional in digital printing company.

Now we are launching a new size of sublimation paper.

The size is 0.21*1m and 0.21*100m respectively.

Both of them is in same width, one is sheet, the other is roll.

This size sublimation paper will match the Ribbon machine very well.

When you want to make colourful and beautiful ribbon with different design, this size of sublimation paper will satisfy your require. You can print it with different colors, then transfer it on ribbon. The various kinds of ribbon have been made.

If you don’t have big format sublimation printer, it’s okay, you can choose 0.21*1m this sheet to print with your desk sublimation printer.







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