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which printer suit for dry mini lab photo paper

Glossy/satin dry minilab rolls

   Dry minilab Photo Paper, also called Gap-type Paper, or Micro-porous Paper, which base paper is the same as our traditional Photo Paper. Waterproof PE coating, RESIN COATING is coated on the surface of both sides of the base paper, which uses silica material in Nanoscale (Particle diameter is less than 150nm). Therefore, can result in extremely fine Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Fine Particle.

   Yesion Dry Minilab photo paper is 100% compatible with the 6-colour dye inks used in the dry minilabs of Epson (SureLab SL-D700 and SL-D3000), Fujifilm (Frontier S-DX100, DL600/650 and DL410/430/450) as well as Noritsu (QSS Green/Green II, D705/703, D502 and 1005HR)



Size:5” 6” 8” 10” A4*65/100M


Ink Cartridges :6 Color (Y, M, C, BK, Pink, Sky Blue) of dye-based ink

Out put size:3.5” x 5" - 12" x 48"



1.RESIN COATING, Nano-porous coating technology                       

2.Suede texture does not attract fingerprints                           

3.High density, wide color gamut, high-resolution                         

4.Waterproof and anti-ultraviolet                       


6.Long-term preserved image due to good ink cured layer                           

7.The paper could be applied to special place and artworks with non-reflective properties



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