260gsm satin Dry minilab photo paper

260gsm satin Dry minilab photo paper

Today’s generation of dry minilab can encourage customers to conduct the easiest back-up of all—having a trusted retailer print their digital pictures on high quality paper so that it can be enjoyed for years to come instead of having those memories held hostage on a hard drive. So The most important printing materials is paper.


This is the description of 260gsm satin Dry minilab photo paper

Two kinds finish is popular ,glossy and satin .They have a microporous ink receiving layer optimized for the dye inks used in dry minilabs. Thus, the prints offer a very high sharpness, brilliant colours and deep blacks without noticeable matting even at high ink load. The pleasant, slightly warmish base tint pleases skin tones, the wide colour gamut allows rich colours with most subtle tonal scales and finest details. The prints will feel instantly dry after printing and are smudge-proof and splash-water resistant.

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Feature for satin photo paper 

glossy photo paper double sided

1.RESIN COATING,Nano-porous coating technology
2.Suede texture does not attract fingerprints
3.High density, wide color gamut, high-resolution
4.Waterproof and anti-ultraviolet
6.Long-term preserved image due to good ink cured layer

7.The paper could be applied to special place and artworks with non-reflective properties 


Ink Cartridges :

6 Color (Y, M, C, BK, Pink, Sky Blue) of dye-based ink 

Out put size:

3 .5" x 5" - 12" x 48" 

260gsm satin Dry minilab photo paper,Cast coated photo paper,Self-adhesive photo paper,Sublimation transfer paper,Heat transfer paper,Decal transfer paper


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