260gsm RC glossy photo paper A4

260gsm RC glossy photo paper A4

The microporous layer is the superior coating used for inkjet photo paper. The coating has micro pores or nano pores (smaller pores than micro), which is based on silica or alumina, but in these days, the material is rare due to high cost. What is important is this coating can accommodate all types of inks, dye and pigment due to its pores, and also can cope very well with the particles in the pigment ink which “sit” well in or on the pores of the microporous coating.



polaris rc woven photo paper

porous photo paper
high glossy photo paper


rough photo paper

Instant dry . 

Water resistant ( waterproof ) . 

Resistant to abrasion .

 Resistant to aging .

 Adhesive paper, plastic and glass.

 Compatible with inks dye and pigment 


About printing with dye and pigment inks

If you print with dye and pigment ink, the ink will not be affected by UV light or pollute environments. If the printing is protected under normal temperature and humidity with a range of conditions, the paper will not present problems of discoloration, fading and premature aging.

Printer Compatibility
Suitable for almost Inkjet Printers with normal, dye or pigment based ink, including Canon, Epson, HP, Kodak, LEXMARK, etc. - See more at: http://www.inkjetpapercn.com/product/260gsm-RC-glossy-photo-paper-A4.html#sthash.0Qv4Qzfc.dpuf

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