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posted on 2017-12-25 10:02:23

A3 photo paper is a common choice among of various industry professionals for commercial use. It is rarely used for home printing, as it requires a dedicated printer that can accommodate this size (normal printers are limited to A4 size).


However, in recent years more and more individuals and small businesses have begun using A3 photo paper. As the costs of inkjet printers and inks have come down, the use of A3 photo paper has increased, not only in business and commerce, but also by photographic enthusiasts and the question of best often comes up. The A3 photo paper size is exactly twice the size of A4 (which is twice the size of A5). To be able to print on A3 photo paper (297mm x 420mm) you must have an A3-size inkjet printer to be able to use it. Note also that A3+ (or also known as A3 Plus / A3 Oversized) is somewhat larger still, most commonly 330mm x 483mm.

Glossy A3 photo paper:115-300gsm Matte A3 photo paper:108-300gsm. Those are our main products, the hot selling about 200gsm.

Whatever A3 photo paper or A3+, we also can make depending on requirements for OEM, Welcome to consult!






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