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Comparison of PU heat transfer vinyl and PVC heat transfer vinyl

posted on  2018-09-17 11:34:25

Today we will talk about Comparison of PU heat transfer vinyl and PVC heat transfer vinyl.

Characteristics of PU heat transfer vinyl

1.TPU material: TPU belongs to PU polyurethane resin, Chinese name is thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer, which is formed by the reaction of diphenylmethane diisocyanate (MDI), toluene diisocyanate (TDI), macromolecular polyol and chain extender. Polymer material. Yesion's TPU heat transfer vinyl uses extrusion grade materials.

2.Characteristics of TPU material: high wear resistance, wide hardness range, high mechanical strength, high processing characteristics, water resistance, oil resistance, mold resistance, good regeneration performance and superior tensile force. In the long-term practice, Yesion adjusts its hardness and elasticity by changing the proportion of the resin component.

3.TPU heat transfer vinyl also uses TPU ink, its main advantages are: excellent adhesion, low viscosity, good flex resistance, excellent wear resistance, high gloss, weather resistance, can resist UV irradiation Any sun exposure inside, showing toughness and durability in the application field. Aromatic and aliphatic TPU inks can be used in a variety of climatic and environmental conditions, with stable and outstanding performance. TPU ink has a smooth and smooth appearance, good light-shielding properties, alcohol resistance, strong adhesion and so on.


Comparison of PU heat transfer vinyl and PVC heat transfer vinyl

From the characteristics: PU heat transfer vinyl excellent stretch, rebound, weathering and wash water; and PVC heat transfer vinyl anti-stretch, high cover, matte surface effect.

From the application point of view: PU heat transfer vinyl ball clothing, swimwear, cycling wear, outdoor clothing and other clothing can be used, but PVC heat transfer vinyl in swimwear, cycling uniforms, etc. require high-elastic clothing is not used, other clothing to After testing, it is appropriate to see if it is suitable.






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