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Difference between  Cast-coated photo paper and RC photo paper

posted on   2018-12-10 13:07:09

    RC high gloss paper: belongs to the expansion of photo paper, the advantages and disadvantages of this type of photo paper are very prominent. Because the ink sticks to the gelatin layer directly, the printed color is very vivid. Moreover, the paper feels heavy, cheap, and economical. However, due to the simple coating process, the coating is thin, the ink can’t be absorbed effectively, resulting in slow drying speed, uneven coating, easy to produce ink, and the paper is not waterproof, easy to fade, not suitable Long-term preservation. Its versatility is not suitable for pigment ink printing, it is more suitable for use in thermal bubble printers.

     Cast-coated high-gloss paper: a product obtained by rolling a high-brightness chrome-plated drying cylinder by means of a cast coating method. Its gloss is mainly affected by the coating formulation, process conditions control and equipment precision. The surface of the paper coating is water-repellent, and is wiped off after the water droplets are dropped on the printing surface, so as not to affect the imaging effect. It is versatile and suitable for dye ink printing in various printer types. The price is moderate and the price is good. At present, it is the mainstream product in the Chinese market. Taking photo paper as an example, its production of 230g, 200g, 180g high gloss photo paper and 135g adhesive photo paper are all such products.


The two products are compared as follows:

1.Substrate: Both products can be selected, and the paper base paper after coating is coated. Therefore, it is different from the substrate. If the coated high-gloss paper is also used as the substrate after the film is coated, the high-gloss paper can also be called RC cast high-gloss photo paper.

2.Gloss: The gloss of cast high-gloss photographic paper is mainly caused by the transfer of the casting cylinder. Therefore, the smoothness of the cylinder, temperature, pressure, etc. directly affect the gloss of the product. RC high-gloss photographic paper does not pass through the casting cylinder, so the gloss mainly comes from the resin itself. Other external factors have less impact.

3.Color reduction: The two are basically the same. However, RC glossy photo paper is more suitable for pigment printing and thermal foaming printers, and is suitable for dye ink printing in various printer types.

4.The effect ratio of the two products: Both products can better reproduce the true color of the picture, and the non-professionals are difficult to distinguish from the apparent appearance of the product, so the use value is basically the same for ordinary consumers. For professional companies (such as photo studios), there are some differences. It is more suitable to cast high-gloss photo paper on the price/performance ratio.






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