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Difference betweenn the glossy sticker paper and the matte sticker paper

posted on 2017-04-25 13:54:30

What is the glossy sticker photo paper

glossy sticker photo paper is a kind of back with plastic photo paper, can be used to create personalized album, there are some big speculation will be used as advertising production.

The characteristics of glossy sticker photo paper

1.Good sticky, good printing image

2.water resistance

The difference between the glossy sticker photo paper and the matte sticker paper.

glossy sticker paper, as the name suggests, is consist with surface paper+glue+release paper, you can tear off the kind of free paste, the market called stickers.

matte sticker paper on the basis of the paper must be suitable for color printing machine printing color spray special paper

Sticker paper classification

There is a layer of sticky material on the back of the paper. sticker paper is thin, soft, widely used in a variety of banners, exhibitions, advertising, its advantage is to play the effect of clear, color change will not be too much, its flexibility is also very good. But the glue sticky strong, difficult to clean up.

Generally divided into three categories:

Water-based coating glue

(Referred to as: water glue) is the water as a solvent to acrylic or polyurethane resin through a special emulsion equipment, emulsified. Its biggest advantage is: variety, environmental protection, low prices, long storage time, there are many coatings are water-soluble glue.our sticker paper of sheet size use to water glue.

Oily coating (our roll size sticker use the oil glue)

(Abbreviation: oil glue) is an oil solvent (toluene, DMF, methyl ethyl ketone, etc.) as a solvent, acrylic or polyurethane dissolved. Its advantages are good film-forming, good fastness, long storage time, is currently widely used coating glue. The disadvantage is due to the use of oily solvent, so there is a lack of environmental protection.

Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive

(Referred to as hot melt adhesive) mainly by the synthetic rubber and resin and rubber oil and other mixed into a molten state and then coated on the printing medium and other substrates made of a rubber products, low cost is its greatest advantage, Is the viscosity of the temperature by the more obvious, shorter storage time. But it has a strong adhesion; good thermal stability, no impurities, good operability, excellent water resistance, excellent weather resistance; hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesive is a plastic adhesive, in a certain temperature range Its physical state changes with the temperature changes, and chemical properties unchanged, its non-toxic and tasteless, is environmentally friendly chemical products.









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