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Flock Heat Transfer Vinyl

posted on  2019-07-01 10:44:29

Flock printing used to be the common and most seen process in the garment printing industry. It is with strong stereoscopic effects (Thickness of 6 microns), and lots of flocks feel comfortable, which differs most from ordinary hot process.

Characteristics of Product

1.easy to operation , kindly reference our youtube link :heat transfer vinyl:

2.The flocks are pure and well distributed.

3.This vinyl is technically resistant to rubbing, and can be washed with hands and by a washer machine, and various of washing models can be acceptable. Delamination or breakage of vinyl is extremly hard to happen under low temperature or high temperature.

4.UV-Resistant and never fade.

5.This flock heat transfer vinyl is made of environmentally-friendly materials, and it will cause no bad effects to touch the vinyl within a long time, and in other words, the vinyl will never fo harm to human skin.

Except for heat transfer vinyl, Kinds transfer paper can also be reached in Yesion like heat transfer paper , water decal transfer paper ....


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