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Frequently Asked Questions of Transfer paper

posted on 2017-05-31 09:40:11

And today i introduce some FAQ of heat transfer paper in operation.

FAQ1: Transferring pictures with lighter color

In the process of transferring, the color will be lost. So firstly, you can adjust the picture

with high brightness, contrast and deep color to guaranteed to transferring pictures you

want. In addition, when you print out the pictures, do not transfer immediately. To dry on

a 3-8 minutes (according to the weather), so that ink penetrates into the paper, about 5

minutes. By the way, heat transfer paper only can be used once, do not reuse it.

FAQ2, Transferring pictures with missing part

Maybe low pressure and temperature, or too short time. Our VISION brand heat transfer

paper recommended parameter: dark paper 165 degrees 15 seconds, light paper 185 degrees

25 seconds

FAQ3, When you wash, the color fades

It is related to heat transfer paper and ink. We recommend customers to use pigment ink that

do not dissolve in water, compared with dye ink.

When you finish transfer, do not wash immediately. And after 24 hours, you can wash inside

out. Through increasing the pressure, time and temperature, also it can will prevent fade. 

FAQ4, It fades due to sunlight

It fades due to UV light of sun, only related with the ink. The poor ink does not add any anti-UV

agent, it will fade soon. The good one, it will last for a long time. But direct, long-term exposure

in the sun, the fade will speed up.

As a personalized inkjet heat transfer printing, the principle of transfer paper is using its film to

make the ink melt in the inside at the high temperature, and then melt on the fabric, to achieve

the "transfer" effect. So the bond line of poor transfer paper will be washed off slowly, resulting

in fading. This is normal way of transferring, almost 95%. This way has a special requirement on

the fabric with high or pure cotton. Many customer can not find out the content, so it will cause the error.













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