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Frequently questions about water transfer paper

posted on   2019-07-08 11:04:21

1.Put the paper in the water and the pattern will spread out. This situation is caused by the absence of spray oil. The main function of the spray oil is to activate the pattern to prevent dissolution in water.

2. after the product is transferred by water, the pattern texture is discontinuous, there is a break in the middle, and the diffusion is serious. This situation may be caused by the following aspects: First, the unevenness of the varnish spray or too much spray, causing the pattern texture ink and the surface of the substrate to slide and shrink; second: the pattern is too long to be placed after printing When the air is in contact for a long time, the impurities in the air contact the PVA film on the surface of the water transfer paper, which may cause impurities on the pattern. Third, the time of immersion in water is too long, causing the base film of the water transfer coating film to be excessively softened. Dissolved, lost load bearing properties, causing pattern texture discontinuity and diffusion.

3.the surface of the product after water transfer coating: pitting, pinholes, bubbles, rough appearance.  It may be due to the first, the environment is poor, there is dust floating, the surface of the workpiece product is dusty or the water transfer film adheres to the dust point; second, the water surface is not clean; third, the water transfer drape film is put down the water surface Uneven, causing bubbles on the membrane surface.

4.When printing laser water transfer paper, pay attention to controlling the temperature of the printing room. There is a film on the surface of the water transfer paper. When the temperature is too low, the film will be solidified. When printing, it will cause many small black spots on the paper surface. The temperature of the printing chamber is optimally controlled at 25 °C during printing. The laser machine can print a few sheets of paper at 15-25 °C for the machine to heat up before printing. It is recommended not to print below 15 °C.







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