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How to choose RC photo paper to printing

posted on   2019-09-17 10:19:17

RC photo paper is also called gap type photo paper, microporous photo paper, it has the following features

1. delicate and exquisite image, vivid and bright color .
2.the waterproof performance is excellent,double side waterproof.
3.Stable quality
4.Small text is clear and visible, creating professional effect. The color level details are excellent, suitable for full color image input.

It is mainly used in: poster posters, indoor display yellow, wedding photo studio and personalized enemy code printout, commercial advertising and other high-end promotional albums.

Glossy, Satin, Rough and Woven face, etc., different surfaces bring different effects.
These four kinds of photo papers will have different printing effects due to the difference in surface texture. You can choose different texture photo papers according to specific purposes and personal preferences.

RC high gloss photo paper: suitable for exporting portraits, life photos, etc.

RC Satin Photo Paper: Suitable for exporting pictures such as exhibitions that have special requirements for light.

RC Rough photo paper: suitable for outputting special effects dynamic picture.

RC woven photo paper: suitable for output of quaint, relatively stable color







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