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How to paste the adhesive photo paper ? How to avoid air bubbles?

posted on   2019-08-19 15:41:42

It is always not ideal when pasting self adhesive photo paper. There will be some bubbles. How can you avoid bubbles?


The reason for the foaming is mainly because there is a gap between the adhesive photo paper and the attached material, then there are two ways to do this:

1.If the attached material is relatively smooth, then you can spray water with a watering can and attach the photo paper. If the picture is larger (40*40 cm or more), then you will start to stick along a corner. Use a scraper or a clean cloth to force the photo paper to rub (if afraid the picture be damaged, cover the picture with plastic paper or cellophane), and finally just drive out the water and air dry;


2.If the attached material is a plate (especially KT plate), it can be polished with fine sandpaper or scratched with a knife back (Attention to the power, do not scratch the plate), then attach the adhesive photo paper.







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