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How to use Laser self weeding transfer paper

posted on  2018-07-30 09:47:40

Hollowing is an engraving technique. The exterior looks like a complete pattern, but it is empty inside or inlaid with small hollow objects.

The high-definition pattern is printed on the carrier for thermal transfer, and then the pattern is transferred to the clothes by a heating device such as a heat press machine, so that the pattern appears to be transferred to the clothes or cloth in a complete whole, which is used in the process. The carrier is the self weeding transfer paper.


How to use the self weeding transfer paper?

First of all ,we need Laser self weeding transfer paper (one A paper and one B paper) ,OKI printer with white toner,Dark cotton T-shirt,Heat press machine to finish transfer.


1.Use OKI machine to select mirror printing;

2.the AB paper is cut to the appropriate size, B paper is slightly smaller than A paper (B paper should be able to cover the A paper pattern);

3.the heat press machine temperature time is set to 160 degrees, 90 seconds; A paper is under, B paper is on, press the heat press machine to zero time;

4.After the heat transfer machine bounces, the B paper is slowly torn off from the A paper on the heat press machine panel, and it is hot torn and uniform.

5.minus the white part of the pattern

6.Set the temperature of the heat press machine to 160 degrees and 15 seconds. Use dark cotton fabric to put A paper on the fabric and press the heat press machine.

7.After the heat transfer machine is bounced, remove the cotton cloth after transfer, put it on the side to be cooled, and tear off the A paper.

8.Place the fabric on the heat transfer machine and press for 3-5 seconds.


1.Laser dark self weeding paper needs to be printed by a special OKI machine, and the print pattern needs to be mirrored;

2.need to use dark cotton fabric, such as black, brown, dark blue cotton fabric, or dark fabric with high cotton content

3.After the transfer is completed, press it on the heat transfer machine for 3-5 seconds to strengthen the pattern and increase the degree of washing.

4.the transferred clothes can not be immediately washed in the water, if you need to wash, please do it after 24 hours.






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