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How to use light inkjet heat transfer paper

posted on  2019-08-26 10:10:21

1.Printing of light-colored inkjet heattransfer paper is mirrored by an inkjet printer using pigment ink. After drying, the excess portion of the printed image is cut off, and the white side of the image is kept at 0.5 cm to prevent ink from seeping out.

2.Place the fabric or T-shirt that needs to be transferred on the heat press machine, place the cut picture on the cloth or T-shirt, and print it face down.

3.Set the heat press machine to a temperature of 185 degrees Celsius for 25 seconds, and press the press machine to wait for the time to zero.

4.Remove the transferred fabric or T-shirt and tear off the transfer paper backing paper to complete the transfer. (After tearing off the transfer paper backing paper, it is recommended to print the printed fabric or T-shirt on the heat transfer machine for 3-5S)







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