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Information for Water transfer paper selling on Amazon

posted on  2019-01-14 10:37:24

Shanghai Yesion Industrial Co., a professional transfer paper supplier.We provide heat transfer paper , water transfer paper,sublimation transfer paper, laser dark self weeding transfer paper.etc.

Nowadays Many customers find Water decal transfer paper is popular on Amazon . Many sellers sell this kinds of paper to Families in American and other countries.

Due to this situation, we are doing a lot of work for those customers on Amazon.

We can provide suitable price with wonderful quality.About the package, we usually suggest colorful page with instruction ,we can also stick the label on the back of OPP bag if necessary .

DDP is okay for us , we will help shipping directly to FBA , this is not a problem for us.For payment ,we can accept Bank account, Alibaba assurance order is also ok for our company.

Free samples of few sheets can provide for testing ,if any need , inform us.

We are glad to provide convenient service for those customers who want to have a good business on Amazon.

Choose us, just like you are home.







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