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Inkjet PET self-adhesive paper

posted on  2019-09-09 17:15:48

Surface:transparent,semi-transparent,milk white,milk white(PP),holographic,brushed silver,brusged gold,matte silver,bright silver,bright gold

1.This product size:210X297MM

Package –Full Sheet Label

2.Suitable for printing of graphic labels, business card labels, bar code labels, address labels, logistics labels, accounting labels, can also be used for writing, free paste; widely used in business offices, supermarkets, schools, hospitals and other occasions.

3.Strong Adhesive – This self adhesive sticker paper can adheres well to most surfaces

4.Widely Use – Our glossy sticker paper can be used for mail stickers, shipping labels, package  labels, barcode labels, return address labels, labeling files and folders. It is widely used in office, school, home or other occasions and perfect for stickers, labels, signs and packaging identification, etc.







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