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Instruction of Iron heat transfer paper

Posted on 2019-12-14 10:02:52


1. The Iron heat transfer paper is coated with a soft shovel. After tearing off the transfer paper, the powder on the transfer paper can easily fall off. This is a characteristic of the light-colored iron paper.
2. When transferring iron heat transfer paper, the iron is adjusted to cotton and linen, which requires heavy pressure during transfer.
3. During the transfer, the iron cannot stay in the same place for too long. If the stay is too long, it may cause the transfer paper to be heated and pressed unevenly, resulting in transfer failure. It is recommended that the iron be in a back-and-forth motion. Medium, keep the heat and pressure uniform, and keep the transfer time at about 2-3min.
4. Iron paper printing needs to use pigment ink
5. The light-colored backing paper needs to be removed while it is hot. After the iron heat transfer paper transfer is completed, the backing paper will be removed, and the ink background color will remain in the transferred part of the pigment ink printing.
6. Turn over and wash after transferring for 24 hours. Use normal temperature water for washing. Do not bleach or dry.
7. The iron paper is manually controlled during operation. There is an uncertainty factor in the pressure and the heating conditions of each part. When the operation is not skilled, it is recommended that the transfer time be appropriately increased.

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